Mice Control

Mice Control, the Kent County Pest Control Way!

** The Mice Control program targets all mice; house mouse, deer mouse, white-footed mouse, and the meadow jumping mouse. This treatment is MICE SPECIFIC and customized for all situations.

IF YOU HAVE… Mouse droppings around food packages, in drawers or cupboards, and/or under the sink? Nesting material such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter? Evidence of gnawing and chewing on food packaging or structures? Evidence of damaged structures providing entry points into the home? Stale smells coming from hidden areas? Scratching sounds inside the walls? Seeing mice during the day? YOU HAVE A MOUSE PROBLEM!

But rest assured...

Kent County Pest Control will rid your property of Mice, and keep them away! Guaranteed!

Here’s how:

  • I’ll start with some questions for you regarding your mouse problem.
  • Then, I’ll do a thorough inspection. I will look wherever mice are known to hide or breed.
  • Based on what I’ve found I’ll customize a treatment program designed to create a mice free environment in and around your home and yard.
  • Using the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), I’ll focus on blocking holes mice use to enter your home and set-up nesting sites.
  • If I use rodenticide bait I will always place traps and baits in places where children and pets cannot reach them. And, I will always use Bell Laboratories rodenticide baits in Bell Laboratories tamper resistant *TIER 1 bait stations.
  • I’ll return after your first treatment to re-inspect your property. Usually within 10 days, I’ll make sure new mice aren’t trying to re-establish themselves by setting up residence in around your home, and reinforce your original treatment, if necessary.
  • If warranted I’ll perform reoccurring treatments. They can be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. And, with these types of treatments I will keep the mice from moving back in and around your home, guaranteed!

My goal is to find sources and any pest-friendly conditions and keep the mice away from your home and surrounding areas! So contact me today and start a new mouse free life!

Kent County Pest Control’s Guarantee:

100% Satisfaction! Your Kent County Pest Control service will be done right, every time! And further, whenever I enter your home or business, you can be assured of neat, professional and courteous service.

*Tier 1 – Tamper-resistant for children and dogs; weather resistant; tested according to EPA protocols; indoor and outdoor use.

In order for a station to receive Tier 1 distinction it must be resistant to both children and dogs, as well as weather resistant. EPA protocol 1.229 requires that a station be tested with at least 50 children to ensure they are unable to open the station or reach inside and access the placebo bait. Due to the strength of a dogs jaws, creating a dog resistant station is far more difficult than creating a child resistant station. EPA protocol 1.230 requires that 6 dogs are denied access to the bait for up to 2 hours. Bell Laboratories worked with the EPA to design a more rigorous test. Bell’s EPA approved protocol requires 12 dogs to actively interact with the station within the first 15 minutes of exposure or the dog is disqualified. The station must continue to deny access to the bait for the entire 2 hour test period.

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